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Meet Erika
Studio Manager & Photographer 

Resident "Peek-a-boo" and newborn posing expert - Erika's passion is photographing people - especially tiny ones! She has specialized in maternity and baby portraits for a decade and has photographed over 3,000 babies. In her maternity photography, she loves documenting the relationship between partners and capturing candid shots that show love and personality.

Author of “The Parent's Pocket Guide: Taking Kids and Family Photos” and photography workshop teacher, Erika loves sharing her expertise to de-mystify camera settings and help parents take better photos of their kids. SEE HER BOOK ON AMAZON

Notably acclaimed for her photography, she landed an appearance on the Oprah show and Daily Candy wrote a feature article about her talent of interacting with children to put them “in an authentically smiley mood” during their photo studio session. Erika was also featured on the Lifetime television show "Terra's Little Family" and you can watch the video below.

Fun facts about Erika: She has tea at 3pm every day, her first car was a 64’ Beetle, if she weren't a baby photographer she’d be a pastry chef, and her favorite shoes are a pair of cowboy boots.

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Interview with Erika

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